About Velvet Queen Shapewear

Velvet Queen shapewear is lingerie with shaping in it to heighten, titillate and elevate the status level of the women who wear it. Looking good is good business, no matter who you are or stage of life you're in. As women we all have the potential to step up our personal look and style to the next level, and that is what Velvet Queen is to you!

This creation is personal and because of this fact, each piece was created to reflect how every woman desires to feel when pulling on a piece so intimate and trusting, for the many roles she plays each day.

The fabric selection, designs and colors are made with the chic modern woman in mind. They are not only vibrant, sexy, exude luxurious elegance, confidence and femininity in its wearer, but they have been crafted to provide the functionality of a flattened lower belly without sacrificing quality or comfort. Basically, giving women an affordable touch of smooth velvet,  allowing her to feel the power of her sensuality, distinguishing Velvet Queen Shapewear products from others.

Welcome to Velvet Queen Shapewear.


The Velvet Queen Story

As a global woman, born in the UK, moved to Nigeria with my parents and now residing in the States, I have always loved fashion and cared about my image. I lived life to the fullest, had fun, traveled and was finally ready to settle down. After being married for 19 years and two children later, I began to struggle somewhat with who I was. I started to ask myself what was next? surely there had to be more to my life than being married, raising children and simply clocking in and out of a job year in and year out! My style has always been sophisticated and clean, however, throughout different stages of my life, I became conscious about my body changing. I began to adorn and incorporate shapewear more and more into my wardrobe.

You see, with my first child, I had a C-Section and nothing I did or could do ever seemed to help me smooth out that lower belly pooch. Being a woman with a high sense of fashion, walking around with a visible pooch was simply not acceptable. The problem I found was that shapewear on the market was either black, white or nude and made me feel like I was suiting up for battle every time I wore them, which was not a sexy feeling at all, and nothing I wanted my husband to see me in. I didn't feel myself, colorful, sexy or empowered when I wore them, but had no choice with the lack of options. The birth of a dream happened while I was preparing for a milestone celebration for my husband. I had just recently been laid off from my corporate job of many years. I was yet again considering the now what? scenario and in my musings, I told my husband that I was going to write to some of the major lingerie carriers and ask them to consider adding some style, color and pizzazz to the shapewear they designed. Most women that I know are colorful, love warm, beautiful and sexy clothing, that positions them for success. Most especially, they love feeling and looking like a lady. My husband's response changed the game by saying why don't you design the shapewear?. Hmmm, I sat with that thought for a moment, the light-bulb went on in my head and Velvet Queen Shapewear was born!


Our Mission

Velvet Queen's mission is to evoke the feeling of confidence in the wearer, by giving her a smoothed-out velvet look always no matter what she wears, or stage of life she's in. By breaking out of the norm of blacks, whites and nudes and stepping into the waters of vibrant color combinations with lacy frills, Velvet Queen is bound to create a sexy, bold yet elegant look with a luxurious feel always.